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Home Staging & Redesign Training

Coaching & Mentoring

As a certified Staging and Redesign instructor, Bernadette will provide mentoring and assistance to both new and existing home stagers who want to move their business to the next level. Whether you need just an hour to bounce ideas off of someone “who has been there” or want to work on a plan to move your business to the next stage, she can help.

Hands-on Staging

SAR believes that hands-on home staging training is critical to truly understanding the fundamentals of the staging process. It is offered as a complement to Mentoring and Coaching or as a stand-alone for those stagers who may have taken another on-line class designation, but have yet to do any hands-on staging. Seasoned stagers should also consider taking this course as a “refresher” – learning that home staging is no longer simply appealing to the “neutral majority” but, rather to the dreams and aspirations of the buyer.

I am so excited to work with you. You are so motivating and excited which makes me feel the same!   Carla Weeks, SAR Certified Stager

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