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Don't Trash Your Hidden Treasures . . . Upcycle Instead!

Winter is  FINALLY over . . . and whether you plan to "dwell" or sell, don’t be too quick totrash your hidden treasures or set them aside for a spring garage sale – consider“upcycling”instead.

So what is upcycling? 
According to, it is the process of converting old or discarded items into something useful and, surprisingly, often beautiful. Upcycling also gives an item a better purpose. Although both are incredibly “green” unlikerecycling, upcycling doesn’t involve the breaking down of materials, but rather a creative way to refashion and sometimes repurpose them.

Home Offices that Renew and Inspire

The holidays are over and if you're like me, reluctantly, it may be time to head back to the office -- hopefully finding ways to feel inspired by the endless possibilities a New Yearcan bring. 

If it's ahome officethat's calling you, and your 'resolve' is to be more productive -- then your office design should consider things like available space, furniture placement, organization, color and comfort. 

choose a color for your home office that relaxes

Color--even working from home can be stressful and easily distracting -- choose colors that provide a sense of calm like shades of green, blue or beige.

Selling or Not -- How Should You Decorate for the Holidays?

Like many of you, I have spent the last two weeks getting my home decked out for the holidays . . . using just the right amount of twinkling white lights, a collection of wreaths, (and more lights), fresh greens, (and still more lights), home grown cotoneaster berries, (and, yes, just a few more lights) and . . . of course,LOTSof red plaid ribbon. 

I tell both my design and staging clients that although thoughtfully decorating the outside of their homes for the holiday can certainly add the perfect touch of warmth this time of year, from a staging or "design" perspective, it is better to decorate for the

Before and "After"

Simply put, I LOVE what I do . . . but, my most favorite thing? -- whether it's a room redesign or home staging -- it has to be seeing and sharing my "before and after" project photos. To the client:  the visual comparison that dramatically shows the creative transformation of each and every space, or what's known in the business as the "big reveal." To someone I might like to work with:  a powerful marketing tool showing the value and creative inspiration I can provide.

Surprisingly Stylish Storage

Before you can take on that next home redesign project, it is important to address how the room will ultimately function. 

smart furniture that provides storage and style - organizing interior design Bernadette Flaim

You will need to consider how all the items in the space will be organized and what kinds of tools you will need to keep it looking "fabulous." Start, by identifying versatile or "smart" pieces -- furniture that really "works" to neatly store your stuff in plain sight and conquer clutter for good!

People tend to forget about this "high traffic zone" in their home.
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Don't Trash Your Hidden Treasures . . . Upcycle Instead!
Home Offices that Renew and Inspire
Selling or Not -- How Should You Decorate for the Holidays?
Before and "After"
Surprisingly Stylish Storage


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