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Simply put, I LOVE what I do . . . but, my most favorite thing? -- whether it's a room redesign or home staging -- it has to be seeing and sharing my "before and after" project photos. To the client:  the visual comparison that dramatically shows the creative transformation of each and every space, or what's known in the business as the "big reveal." To someone I might like to work with:  a powerful marketing tool showing the value and creative inspiration I can provide. And to me:  an opportunity to go back -- a time to review, reflect and, most important, remember what a space used to be and still is, but only better. 

before and after child's bedroom vacant home staging - an Attention2Detail project The Flaim Group LLC Bernadette Flaim                                                                      Vacant Staging
                                                                                            After Photo: Ryan Damiano, Front Door Photography

With the use of "smart furniture" and a pop of color, this small and undefined space now seems to double in size. 

Luxury Townhouse occupied home staging - an Attention2Detail project Bernadette Flaim The Flaim Group LLC
                                                                   Luxury Waterfront Townhouse
                                                         After Photo: Ryan Damiano, Front Door Photography

New furniture is added worthy of a "master" as well as the perfect bedding, art and decor. There is even enough room for a complementary accent chair; creating a comfortable reading nook. 

            *  *  *  *  * 

Bayhead New Jersey beach Hurricane Sandy
                                                                    "House of Sand"                                                                       
                                                                                           REUTERS/Tom Mihalek 

This past week, the New York metropolitan area and the great state of NJ, both of which have been my home for over 30 years, experienced its own shocking "before and after" -- in the course of 48 hours, a transformation so terrifying for some, it feels that a place so alive, iconic and vibrant may NEVER be beautiful and whole again.

Like me, I'm sure you have spent the last week "saturated" with before and after images of areas completely devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The shore towns . . . Long Island, the outer boroughs of NYC and even the Big Apple. I find it fascinating when after searching the internet, even the search results are experiencing their own kind of "before and after" transformation. 

roller coaster before and after photo of Funtime Pier, Hurricane Sandy  on the New Jersey shore

Today I did an image search for Seaside Heights only to discover that the photos that appeared on page one were those exclusively after Hurricane Sandy and that it took a bit of 'drilling down' before I found "before" images of boardwalks, amusement rides and carefree smiling faces that perfectly defined the NJ Shore before Sunday, October 28, 2012. 

                                                           Casino Pier Roller Coaster - Seaside Heights, NJ
                                                            Source: Jersey Shore Hurricane News

A lifetime of "befores", childhood and otherwise, have been washed away by Hurricane Sandy, but the rebuilding has already begun. I have found comfort in the uplifting, sometimes moving stories of family and friends, those that didn't grow up in the Midwest like me, but spent summers 'down the Shore' with sunburned faces, sand between their toes and their stomachs full of funnel cakes, boardwalk fries and saltwater taffy. I feel assured that those courageous people, so devastated by Hurricane Sandy, will find ways to cope, persevere and learn to live at the 'new' Jersey Shore . . . keeping their "before" memories alive -- not with those images that were taken after Hurricane Sandy came and went, but the "befores" of summers spent, stories told and memories made. Memories that can never be washed way . . . 

Seaside Heights, New Jersey Casino Pier Jersey Shore Before Hurricane Sandy


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