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Home Offices that Renew and Inspire

The holidays are over and if you're like me, reluctantly, it may be time to head back to the office -- hopefully finding ways to feel inspired by the endless possibilities a New Year can bring. 

If it's a home office that's calling you, and your 'resolve' is to be more productive -- then your office design should consider things like available space, furniture placement, organization, color and comfort. 

choose a color for your home office that relaxes

Color -- even working from home can be stressful and easily distracting -- choose colors that provide a sense of calm like shades of green, blue or beige. Here is an office with walls that are a cool brown, using blue as an accent color. With just the right accessories, the room can still be stylish even when off the clock. 


stylish and sophisticated home office

Simple and Sophisticated

A home office can also provide comfort and style by using art and accessories that showcase your interests -- this metal-based table keeps the space open and airy and the wing-backed chair may have been "borrowed" from another room in the house, but certainly works here.  


multipurpose home office organized storage

Multipurpose -- when your office needs to work "double-duty", furniture placement and organization is critical. 

This u-shaped layout provides lots of surface space for multitasking; the bookcases allow for plenty of vertical storage. 

organizing a home office that has two work stations

This office offers two work stations and still provides for organized, stylish storage all on one wall!

elegant home office using a lucite partner's desk                              Martha Stewart


Desks don't need to be only wood or metal -- this lucite "partner's desk", surrounded by dramatic elegance, doesn't over-fill this powerful space. 


home office under the stairs which fits the architecture

Space at a Premium?
This space was creatively carved into this valuable bit of "real estate" under the stairs; still taking into consideration the architecture of the home. Don't you love the enclosed storage?

mini office using smart furniture - fits into a small apartment or guest room

This "mini office" finds it way into this piece of 'smart' furniture -- perfect for a small apartment or guest room. 

                                      Martha Stewart

corner home office nicely organized using a stylish filing system

This quaint and cozy corner suits this home office perfectly -- the clip boards, covered with coordinated and colorful wallpaper, serve as an organized filing system in full view, but still tidy. 

                                                                                                        Martha Stewart

sofa table turns doubles as an instant home office - example of upcycling

Here's one of my favorites -- this sofa table creates an instant work area -- the top is recycled barn board and the base is old plumbing pipe -- a wonderful example of 'upcycling.' 


I think we can all agree, that to be productive offices, home or otherwise, should always be functional. As you can clearly see, though, they can also be comfortable, stylish and even beautiful. 

It's a New Year and the possibilities are endless -- it only takes some creativity and planning on your part. Just like the redesign of a home office that will really work for you.  

Here's to a happy and productive 2013!

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