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Don't Trash Your Hidden Treasures . . . Upcycle Instead!

Winter is  FINALLY over . . . and whether you plan to "dwell" or sell, don’t be too quick to trash your hidden treasures or set them aside for a spring garage sale – consider “upcycling” instead.

So what is upcycling? 
According to, it is the process of converting old or discarded items into something useful and, surprisingly, often beautiful. Upcycling also gives an item a better purpose. Although both are incredibly “green” unlike recycling, upcycling doesn’t involve the breaking down of materials, but rather a creative way to refashion and sometimes repurpose them. The upcycled item is typically of better quality than the original and certainly an upscale, “refreshed” version of its former self.  What’s old is new again, but with a twist.

Your Grandparents Were Probably Upcyclers

Although upcycling is considered “trendy” it is certainly not new – big in the 30s and 40s – it was considered an “age of thrift” when families needed to reuse and repurpose almost everything – over and over again. 

This stylish bucket is made from a used tire . . . 
how brilliant is that!



We are Still Doing It for Fun and Profit

Repurposed Belt Art
Most of us are “green” at heart – whether it’s to send less “stuff” to the earth’s landfills, or to pay it forward, leaving a better place for our children. But who are we kidding . . . this upcycling thing is FUN and aesthetically satisfying – you only have to visit the many upcycling boards on Pinterest – here’s mine – or take a spin around – many of their artists’ beautifully upcycled items can rival those found in high-end boutique shops.
Repurposed Belt Art      
Crazy Belt Lady –

Not yet convinced?  Here are some more amazing and fun examples:

Upcycled repurposed filing cabinets

Spray-painted yellow and topped with 
plywood, three $25 Goodwill filing 
cabinets “morph” into a stylish storage unit.

upcycled travel slides lampshade

     Travel slides make the
    perfect upcycled                 lampshade.

vintage books upcycled

Vintage books are repurposed
to collect greeting cards.

toolbox to flowerbox


 From toolbox to flowerbox. 



Upcycling is . . . Simply Responsible
I couldn’t agree with more – when you upcycle, you remove items from the global garbage stream. The possibilities are endless and so are the things you can upcycle – suitcases, costume jewelry, furniture, clothing, housewares, old bathroom fixtures, tires and tools just to name a few – upcycling is only limited to your imagination. 
So - sort through your closets, your attic, your garage and your basement – showcase what you love and the memories you want to keep, but in a new and unexpected way. How? . . . by UPCYCLING it!


Visit The Flaim Group's Pinterest board -"UPCYCLED DESIGN"  for more upcycling inspiration. 


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