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Designer's Notebook of Flaimentations

Follow The Flaim Group LLC on their journey offering home staging and decorating ideas.

 Redesign Home Decor

"Don't be Afraid of the Dark"

June, 2022

When I was a child, I was always a bit "afraid of the dark" -- I would regularly dream, from a brightly-lit space, of staring into a "pitch black" room wondering what lurked just beyond the doorway.Today, in my dreams, these feelings haven't changed very much, but as a designer, I adore and gravitate toward rich, dark color palettes that can dramatically and beautifully provide texture, warmth and depth to any space. 

It's been said that "black is the absence of color, yet when used in the right setting makes a powerful and always classic impact." This is how I approach any of my redesign projects, finding creative ways to add just the "right amount" of black (or dark) rich color through the use of paint, furniture or accessories. 


How do you begin? Start here: 

Staged DR and LR After Photo

"It is More Than Just a Staging Gig"

July, 2018

When asked to stage for a client who is a member of the "HGTV generation", the knowledge and understanding is usually right there as to the importance of the process, but not necessarily the ability to follow-through with the many tasks that need to be completed before the property is absolutely ready for its close-up, resulting in a quick sale for the most amount of money.  This, of course, may be due to many things, jobs, kids and most times? Life.   

We experience different incidents in our lives, like selling and moving, that turn our world upside down and cause us to feel stress. Most of these incidents we cannot control, others we can control to a certain degree. It is important, then to find those professionals that will take you from a place of chaos to one of calm and the confidence in order to move your life forward and accomplish your goals. 

"When my husband and I decided to sell our condo within a month of traveling overseas for the holiday, I was simply overwhelmed with the task at hand. How do we declutter and stage our condo to sell in such a short period of time. Then my husband read about ReadyStageMove and contacted Bernadette and, her colleague, Jean Marie. They were indeed a power team that swept through our home in record time and helped us effectively and efficiently go through each item in the house to either declutter or pack away. 


The finished product was nothing short of amazing - straight out of a magazine. Daily, I would let out a sigh of relief, feeling peace in waking up to such a clean, airy, and beautiful space. Our unit, which listed during the winter, off-real estate season was the first to go under contract in our building that had 14 active properties and other challenging issues. 

 We are so thankful to Bernadette and her team for working their creative magic and transforming our place from cluttered playroom to city chic. Thank you for working with us with such grace and professionalism.

Brian and Kaye F. ~ Edgewater, NJ 

So what about the investment? There is a wonderful saying by Red Adair, "If you think hiring a professional is expensive . . ." Well, you can guess the rest. So, whether you are selling or simply dwelling, but need a place to start, don't be afraid to ask for any help you may need to help you through the process. Investing in the right professionals, like Brian and Kaye did, can make all the difference. 

How do you begin? Start here: 

Interior Redesign Home Office

"Home Offices that Renew and Inspire"

January, 2018

The holidays are over and if you’re like me, reluctantly, it may be time to head back to the office — hopefully finding ways to feel inspired by the endless possibilities a New Year can bring.

If it’s a home office that’s calling you, and your ‘resolve’ is to be more productive — then your office design should consider things like available space, furniture placement, organization, color and comfort.

Choose the Right Color

Even working from home can be stressful and easily distracting — choose colors that provide a sense of calm like shades of green, blue or "greige".

Simple and Sophisticated

A home office can also provide comfort and style by using art and accessories that showcase your interests — consider a metal-based table that keeps the space open and airy and a wing-backed chair which can be “borrowed” from another room in the house. adding just the right amount of comfort and sophistication.

“Multi-Tasking” Made Easy

When your office needs to work “double-duty,” furniture placement and organization is critical. A u-shaped layout provides lots of surface space for multitasking; and flanked bookcases will allow for plenty of vertical storage.

“Doing Double Duty”

Another multi-purpose option is to use two work stations that still provides for organized and stylish storage all on one wall!

Space at a Premium?

Create a stylish space-saving office option by carving space into a valuable bit of “real estate” under the stairs; still taking into consideration the architecture of the home. Wouldn't you also love some enclosed storage?

Instant Workspace

Here’s one of my favorites above — a sofa table that creates an instant work area — the top is recycled barn board and the base is old plumbing pipe — a wonderful example of ‘upcycling.’

I think we can all agree, that to be productive offices, home or otherwise, should always be functional. As you can clearly see, though, they can also be comfortable, stylish and even beautiful.

It’s a New Year and the possibilities are endless — it only takes some creativity and planning on your part. Just like the redesign of a home office that will really work for you.

Here’s to a happy and productive New Year!

Want to see some of the examples referenced above? Visit Bernadette's post at ReadyStageMove

Curb Appeal

"Selling or Not -- Creative Curb Appeal for the Holidays"

November, 2017

Like many of you, I am just about ready to get my home decked out for the holidays . . . using just the right amount of twinkling white lights, a collection of wreaths, (and more lights), fresh greens, (and still more lights), home grown cotoneaster berries, (and, yes, just a few more lights) and . . . of course, LOTS of red plaid ribbon.

I tell both my design and staging clients that although thoughtfully decorating the outside of their homes for the holiday can certainly add the perfect touch of warmth this time of year, from a staging or "design" perspective, it is better to decorate for the "winter season" rather than the "holiday season." This kind of decor provides an inviting, festive look, but with a longevity that provides greater appeal for anyone selling, or simply one that will carry them stylishly through the winter months.

So . . . instead of inflatables, Santa and his sleigh, colored lights or (my beloved) red plaid ribbon . . .

  • Consider a garden cart or vintage sled decked with fresh greens, holly, cotoneaster branch clippings, pine cones, kale, etc. 

  • Even subtle evergreen wreaths WITHOUT ornaments can be left hanging well into the New Year.

  • All of these items can be harvested from your yard at no additional cost and have real lasting power due to the cool/cold weather.

  • Also, if the house's style dictates, consider solar powered candles in the windows -- even in a vacant home that is staged for sale -- on a timer, they will not need to be tended to as they turn on and off by themselves!

Selling or not, it's important to remember that "winter" doesn't need to put a damper on a home's curb appeal, but can rather create a wonderful, festive mood that will not only last until spring, but hopefully please your neighbors or, if need be, draw your prospective buyers in!

Want to see some of the examples referenced above? Visit Bernadette's post at ReadyStageMove

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